Our Philosophy

Our Culture


ASAS AL-JAMAL is a customer-centric organization. In everything we do we think about our clients first and how our actions will help them conduct a healthier and happier life.

Thus, we give an extreme amount of attention to details, even the smallest ones in order to fulfill our role and put things back on track whenever an error occurs.

Our History



Is to lead the market by providing a unique quality of products and services, through our diversified products that satisfy your day to day need.

ASAS AL-JAMAL is dedicated on delivering the products quickly without having the need to wait for months, all that not only with a reasonable price in the market but also serve our consumers through online and physical outlets.

Our History



ASAS AL-JAMAL seeks to present and manufactures products that becomes worldwide trend, while expanding the availability of our products in pharmaceuticals and Trend-sa.com. While we make it our goal to elevate the industry in the Saudi market and grow into the international market by consistency in meeting high expectations with a team of experts that overseas all projects from start to finish with international standards.


Our Founder


Founder and chairman of ASAS AL-JAMAL, Eng. Ayman kurban, has a sustainable vision of developing products combine with his years’ experience in the market.

His leadership stems from deeply rooted beliefs in the power of innovation, creation, medical, and high standards.

Founded the first of his company 2016 including an e-commerce platform named TRENDZ.

Founder’s word is that we are sharpening our strategy to be one of the world’s most valuable, innovated, and admired companies. Our goal is to be an unstoppable company that creates enormous value for the economy.

Today Eng: Ayman, is one of the young businessmen in Saudi Arabia and he is now giving lectures on how to be a successful businessman.

https://busclinic.com/team/               ----                    https://scbcouncil.com/




Being one of the fastest-growing companies specialized in manufacturing and selling
needed products with a reasonable price to the Saudi market, we are strongly
committed to provide you with the best performance from our team for the best
service that will make our customers life better and easier.
We are available 24/7. Whenever you reach out for support regarding any issues or any
other inquiries, you will find us at your service.